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the LSU literati

because we are, in fact, better than you.

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literati (lit"u-rä'tE) n. persons of scholarly or literary attainments; intellectuals.

LSU n. this institution in which we languish.

What are you reading?
What is pissing you off?
In what ways are you better than everyone else?

These are a few of many many possible topics for this forum.

moderated by jon_raleigh & frolicsome.
activism, angst, avant-garde, being european and decadent, being pomo, being right (always), bitterati, diction, elitism, emaciated men, excessive interests, feminist discourse, freethought, geographer cock, glitterati, gloating, good-natured argumentation, grammar fascism, gutterati, hair plugs, intellectual onanism, languishing in baton rouge, literature, louisiana state university, lsu, not posting trite entries, not-so-wholesome fun, old men with phds, philosophy, political debate, pretension, private jokes, pubic tusks, satisfying our whims, schadenfreude, staging coups, superiority complexes, superiority-inferiority complexes, ten hour conversations, token conservatives, wholesome fun, wit