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jon_raleigh [userpic]

Hint: it's between Cheney's legs.

g. [userpic]

To the 837 liberals, one conservative and two independents in this community -

Here's a fascinating post on the politics of North & Coast / South & Heartland split.


g. [userpic]

lol @ karl rove clumsy and vulnerable on the tarmac.

and another!Collapse )

Do post your own internet gems of questionable taste and/or entertainment value.

g. [userpic]

Spring 2005 course offerings are out on PAWs (!)

I'm rather excited, as this semester has already grown stale for me. Trying to work my schedule around my desire to take book arts, however, may prove problematic.

What courses do you kids have your eye on?

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papa [userpic]

I'd like to hear some good, real arguments on why Dubya should be elected.

A real discussion on this topic would be nice. I'm tired of the usual ho-hum circle-jerking done by people with similar views. So someone make me understand, please.

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g. [userpic]

You know really gets my guff? People who can't handle dissent. Come on people! If you think you're right, you should be HAPPY when someone challenges your ideas! It gives you a chance to show just how right you really are.

Of course, someone smarter and more articulate than you will almost always come along and shatter your ego, but hey, that's the name of the game.

Censoring another opinion is always bad, of whatever it may consist. It just shows your lack of maturity.

Any thoughts?

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